Applications from Tool4App work for all devices

You only design applications within Tool4App once and then easily publish them for both Android and iPhone/iPad. In the same way, all the other additional adjustments you only make once, and the result is available for both platforms.


An application in a few hours

Within Tool4App, you can easily create an effective application in just a few hours. You can easily use existing marketing materials for your project. The subsequent development of the application is not limited in any way.

Support of more languages

The Tool4App system is multilingual on all levels. The resulting application supports an unlimited number of languages. Adding languages later is very easy.


A low price for a complex application

Tool4App allows you to create a mobile application without knowledge of programming at a price comparable with the price of a few hours of the time of an average web programmer.

Tool4App is an outstanding solution for your unique project

Tool4App is not limited to a specific field of application. It is up to you for what project you use it and how complex an application you create with its help.

Choose the version suitable for your project