About us

We create mobile applications

We enjoy creating mobile applications

Our path

We created our first mobile application in 2013. In more than 6 years of creating applications for a variety of clients and project types, we have created dozens of mobile applications and have gained a lot of experience that is the basis for Tool4App. Tool4App aims to make it easy to build applications without programming knowledge and thus make mobile applications accessible truly for everyone.

Android + iOS

Tool4App makes it easy to create an application optimized for Android and iOS without knowing the specifics of both platforms.

Modern design

The applications created in Tool4App respect the practices of the given platform (Android, iOS). This makes the applications easy to control for the user.

Continuous development

The Tool4App is constantly being developed and reacts to current trends in the area of mobile applications.

Our team

Petr Mašek

Petr is the head of Tool4App, he takes care of the technical side of the project. He is responsible for its continuous development.

Jan Netrval

Jan is responsible for the trouble-free day-to-day operation of Tool4App.

Bedřiška Picková

Bedřiška takes care of the successful implementation of Tool4App for a particular project. She is ready to answer your questions.
“When one see the finished work in its clarity and simplicity, then can argue it can be done by anyone. Those involved knows opposite.”
Stanislav Müller

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