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What makes Tool4App exceptional?

Tool4App is based on many years of experience in custom development of mobile applications. It is easy to use and requires no detailed knowledge of application development. Typical using is the creation of applications for conferences, restaurants, music festivals, cities, tourist attractions, ...

Suitable for your project

Tool4App was designed not to restrict you. You can easily create a simple application for presenting your services. Just as easily you can also create a global multilingual application with many functions.

Functions of Tool4App

Tool4App v is based on experience in creating dozens of custom-made mobile applications. You will find everything you need here.

Modern & Flexible

Learn about the best features and details of the Tool4App system.

Applications without programming

No knowledge of programming is necessary to create a mobile application using Tool4App. Just design an application from the perspective of its future user.

Off-line mode

The resulting mobile application does not require a constant connection to the mobile Internet. The application can also be used within data roaming.

Fully configurable

All of the important application parameters are fully configurable. This provides you with full control over the look and feel of the resulting application.

Support for more languages

The Tool4App system is multilingual on all levels. The resulting application supports an unlimited number of languages. Adding languages later is very easy.

Modern design

The applications created in Tool4App respect the practices of the given platform (Android, iOS). This makes the applications easy to use from the very beginning.

Continuous development

The Tool4App system is constantly being developed and reacts to the current trends in the area of mobile applications.

"The App was simple and worked well. We are satisfied with it and would repeat it next year."
Mohamed Hefzy
Cairo International Film Festival - Festival President
"Active and insightful programmers, reliable project management, meeting deadlines. Professional cooperation."
Hana Žáková
Alza.cz - Senior business developer
"A perfectly coordinated team, that always found the way and kept the project on the right path from start to finish."
Václav Turek
Driftix.com - CEO
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Examples of the applications

Examples of interesting applications created in Tool4App

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